Friday, August 16, 2013

The Perfect Match

Iman Cosmetic is a beauty line that carries many different shades of foundation that will leave your face flawless and oil free. I have combination skin which results in my t-zone being very oily, until now I have yet to find the perfect primer to control my oily skin. Now that the Iman stick foundation is in my life, I no longer have to prime before I apply!

After a whole day of wearing Iman stick foundation, my face remained oil free and held a natural glow. My perfect match is "Earth 5", which was purchased at Target.

What’s your perfect match? 


  1. hourglass by veil (you can get it at sephora)is an amazing primer. i swear by it!

    I am using studio fix foundation but they just changed their formula and colours so now i need to try something new... like this iman one!

    1. Aw thanks for the suggestion to try "hourglass"! - and you are going to love Iman stick foundation!