Tuesday, December 24, 2013



I could not have asked for a better gift this Christmas. I’ve been longing for a new scent for some time now and I immediately fell in love with Bvlgari’s Jasmine Noir "L'Eau Equise". It gives off a sweet elegant and fresh scent as you inhale - an extremely captivating fragrance nonetheless.

I plan on wearing this lovely scent everyday !

What are some of your favorite fragrance's? 

~ xo


Monday, December 16, 2013

Double Mixed Print x Knitwear

// Top- rag & bone // Skirt- H&M // Hat- Zara // Scarf- Zara //

Sporting my beautiful hand made sweater from rag & bone that is extremely warm with heavy mix texture and print all throughout the inside and outside of the sweater. 

Enjoy ~ xO

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Parka

//Coat- Zara//Shoes- Zara//Pants- Joes Jeans//Hat-Urban Outfitters//Top-h&m//Necklace- Charlotte Russe//

Winter is finally here! As the snow falls and covers the streets of Long Island, I decided to show how I like to stay warm as the days get colder. Trying to stay warm and stylish during the winter could be a little difficult but with my new Parka coat from Zara, it made it pretty easy to be chic and warm at the same time. 

I plan to embrace this winter as I continue to stay warm and stylish - How do you plan on staying warm ? 


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Exploding Color x Open eye Knit

//Top - Joe's Jean's//Sweater- rag & bone//Hat- Zara Collection// Shoes - rag &bone//Scarf- Zara//

I have been embracing the brisk fall weather in Long Island. I was able to wear my new hat from Zara into the city for a long day in the office. 

This weather is perfect for layering and wearing my favorite rag and bone boots every day! So I wore my rag and bone sweater that has lovely warm colors embedded into the knit as well as "open eye" detail on the sleeves. To top it off, I layered it with a light denim button up that has spiked gold buttons which gave a nice finish to a basic button up.
After a day in the city, I drove past a beautiful open area in my town where I was able to capture great shots of my outfit. Autumn is truly here because the scenery of this passage-way had gorgeous fall leaves exploding with colors everywhere!
Hope your keeping warm by layering up this fall!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Texture Tuesday

Yet another simple and comfy outfit of the day.

//Top -h&m//Pant- UrbanOutfitters//Boots- Zara// Bag- Phillip Lim for Target//
On the search for the perfect pair of new fall boots, I came across the shoe collection at Zara which has a wide selection of comfortable ankle boots with block heel. The two-tone ankle boot caught my eye because of the lovely red-orange color that shouts  "Fall" and I knew it was the perfect match for my personal style!  I am also sporting my classic UO boyfriend jeans with my warm and fuzzy boat neck textured sweater.
Hope you enjoy xX

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DIY: Healthy Choices x Lemon Water

Drink a glass of lemon water every morning to start your day off right! 

Since my blog is my personal diary, I thought it would only be right to share one of my easiest healthy choices I practices daily.   
~All you need is a tall lukewarm glass on water and your choice of a lemon or a lime!

I like to squeeze a small piece of lemon into my glass of water so I can get the great benefits for the lemon juice provides, then I just leave the piece of lemon in my glass of water. I have grown to like the slight sour taste the lemon adds to the water.

I'll share a few benefits of why I started drinking lemon water daily but you can always find more information on tasty-yummies.com- Benefits to Drinking Lemon Water

Here are a few benefits on drinking warm lemon water:

~ Aids Digestion
~ Boosts your Immune System
~Clear Skin
~Energizes you and Enhances your mood
~ Aids in weight loss

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Simplistic x Target Style

//Dress-Phillip Lim for Target// Boot-rag&bone//Belt-UrbanOutfitters//

Outfit of the day : From the Phillip Lim for Target collection I was able to get my hands on this simple yet chic dress. The fabric is soft and very light, I love the playful skirt that is attached to the bottom of the sweater which gives great shape and movement every time the wind blows.

This is the perfect dress for the warm yet breezy weather in New York but great transition style for the Fall. 

Hope you enjoy ~ xo

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Sun

//Dress - Zara // Shoes- Zara// The Row sunglasses//Madewell Bracelet// Embossed Crocodile Tote by milkglassmenagerie.com //


On this beautiful Sunday afternoon, I was able to meet up with a classmate from college and have fun while taking pictures in her town Rockville Center in Long Island. This young lady takes beautiful pictures, not only of me but just about anything that inspires her. With her great skills and me being shy behind the lens, she was still able to snap chic yet pleasant pictures of me!
Hope you enjoy - xo


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Long Knit | Mini skirt



// Top - Rachel Roy // Skirt - Joes Jean// Bag - rag & bone// Zara heels//
Enjoying another warm yet cool afternoon with my boyfriend, we decided to take a few pictures of my outfit of the day because he knows how much I love being in his part of town.

I’m starting to believe I say everything that I photograph is my favorite piece, I truly believe I only shop and wear things that make me feel beautiful and confident!

As for my favorite Rachel Roy sweater and Zara shoes, I can truly say these two items are my staples!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


//top - zara// pant - joes jeans// rag & bone hat // LC shoes// 

I love wearing all black!  Now that fall is finally here I can get back to my favorite looks of oversize sweaters, jeans and hats!

Right now in New York the weather is very unpredictable, one day its cold and the next its 91 degrees! I was prepared for anything so I wore the prefect combo of a High-Low outfit. Hi-Low meaning a high – end designer piece worn with a low price piece. My Joes Jeans and my rag and bone hat are my high prices and my Zara sweater (purchased on sale) and Lauren Conard heels from Kohl’s are my low pieces. My Lauren Conard shoes are one of my most comfortable heels I own in my entire life and the price was great!  

Great style or personal style in my opinion does not consist of only luxury items, clothes is clothes – it is how you style it and walk with confident that make it your own and chic!