Tuesday, December 24, 2013



I could not have asked for a better gift this Christmas. I’ve been longing for a new scent for some time now and I immediately fell in love with Bvlgari’s Jasmine Noir "L'Eau Equise". It gives off a sweet elegant and fresh scent as you inhale - an extremely captivating fragrance nonetheless.

I plan on wearing this lovely scent everyday !

What are some of your favorite fragrance's? 

~ xo


Monday, December 16, 2013

Double Mixed Print x Knitwear

// Top- rag & bone // Skirt- H&M // Hat- Zara // Scarf- Zara //

Sporting my beautiful hand made sweater from rag & bone that is extremely warm with heavy mix texture and print all throughout the inside and outside of the sweater. 

Enjoy ~ xO

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Parka

//Coat- Zara//Shoes- Zara//Pants- Joes Jeans//Hat-Urban Outfitters//Top-h&m//Necklace- Charlotte Russe//

Winter is finally here! As the snow falls and covers the streets of Long Island, I decided to show how I like to stay warm as the days get colder. Trying to stay warm and stylish during the winter could be a little difficult but with my new Parka coat from Zara, it made it pretty easy to be chic and warm at the same time. 

I plan to embrace this winter as I continue to stay warm and stylish - How do you plan on staying warm ?