Tuesday, August 13, 2013

DIY: White Carnation Center Pieces

My birthday was right around the corner and I needed something cute and fast to enhance my backyard decorations. I came up with the idea to add a center piece to each table that would light up the whole night! Here are some of the items used to craft this elegant yet simple center piece.

You will need:

-White carnation flowers or your choice of roses

-Clear Bead gallery – purchased at Michael’s arts & craft

-Water lights – purchased at Party City (lights constant bright white light under water)  

- 99 cent Madeira beads that I decided to add which were purchase at my local 99 cent store. 

- Tubular vase - purchased at Target  

I turned on all LED water lights before I placed the Madeira beads into the vases. I followed by pouring an equal amount of clear beads on top of the Madeira beads. Next, I added water into each vase as I gently pressed the white carnation flowers in between all of the beads. As the night progress my vases began to light up the center of each table and they looked beautiful!

Did you ever create a fun and easy center piece before? Leave a comment below

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